Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool

Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool

Exploring God's Kingdom, Learning God's Love


At Cape Carteret Presbyterian Preschool we realize children develop, grow, and mature at their own perfect pace. 

Our curriculum takes into account the individuality of each child, and their special interests.  Various styles of instruction are offered during the day, ranging from individual projects, to small group center activities, to whole group teacher directed activities. 


We aim to provide learning through purposeful play… a.k.a. FUN!

So much to learn and explore at CCPP Preschool!


3 Year Old Class- Social development is the key aspect of the curriculum for this class.  However, the three year old class will also be exposed to a Pre-Reading/Writing curriculum.  This will include basic letter recognition, sound recognition, as well as an informal introduction to letter formation.  It will also include the basic concepts for print: title, author, illustrator, directionality (reading left to right).  The students will participate in stories, songs, and rhymes to foster the love of reading.  A Pre-Math curriculum will introduce the concepts of number recognition and the use of numbers, patterning, 1:1 correspondence, sorting, calendar activities, and collecting/sharing data (graphs).  Along with these basics, students will be offered daily art projects that support our theme, fine and gross motor tasks, music and movement experiences, and various classroom centers.  Please remember this is a chance for your child to explore these concepts and mastery is not expected.  On Fridays we visit the Church Sanctuary for a short Bible lesson and music. 


4 Year Old Class -A weekly topic is introduced to nurture the children’s curiosity, along with a letter (phonic sound and letter recognition are emphasized) and a number.  Monthly, a shape, selected colors and a Nursery Rhyme are introduced as well.   Various playtimes, math, hands-on, music, science, S.T.E.M, art and crafts, and writing activities are planned incorporating the weekly theme and the monthly components.  Books are introduced to reinforce the topics and to foster the love of learning and reading.  At group circle time we discuss and chart the daily weather changes, learn the months and days, pledge to the Christian Flag and the American Flag, review our letter sounds, number, color, and shape, and discuss our weekly topic.  We sing interactive songs, and enjoy wonderful books. On Friday, we have a chapel service in our Church Sanctuary.

We use a variety of curriculum tools, but our primary resources are:       

Scholastic Alpha Tales and Number Tales, the Creative Curriculum and

Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom.